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Abdulkadir Özcan, who started his commercial life in 1955, established Abdulkadir Özcan AŞ in the year of 1970. Abdulkadir Özcan, began to sell second hand tires and resold those tires by retreading and regrooving them in those years when there was not adequate tires in the country.

By following the trend of the demand in the tire market, he started new tire sale in 1970.

He was a distributor of Uniroyal, produced by Koç around 1971. He also over took distributorship of Lassa in 1975, in order to follow up the expanding demand. Abdulkadir Özcan took solid steps in the market with those two brands in those years when no one else was given two separate brands.

He started opening branches in 1986 and first one was opened in Mersin.

In 90s, the company started import and brought worldwide famous brands to our country and became a leading actor in the market as the sole distributor of those brands.

Abdulkadir Özcan is the sole distributor of Maxxis from Taiwan and Toyo from Japan.

In 1993, the company which started regrooving of any kind of tires in its facility, has 3.500 m2 of indoor area on İstanbul Highway; is also the first company which regrooved OTR tires in Turkey in 1995.

Abdulkadir Özcan also interested in rim sales with successful administration mentality and started tubeless rim sales for busses and trucks together with first quality rim manufacturers in Turkey such as: CMS, DJ, KORMETAL. Abdulkadir Özcan which overtook the distributorship of İnci Car Batteries continues this effort as Head distributor of Ankara.

In the April of 2005, the company purchased Petlas which was founded in 1976 as the sole tire manufacturing company with local capital. Abdulkadir Özcan AŞ which has retailer and wholesales identity, added being industrialist to its capabilities. Now the company represents our country in over 90 countries.

The company maintains its successful commercial life with its distribution warehouses in 9 regions, home office points in around 30 locations, its own truck fleet and durable logistic network which can reach even the remotest places.

Abdulkadir Özcan AŞ, has the main principal of continuous development, keeps growing with its over 2000 personnel, experts, sector experience, know-how, new technologies and new investments.